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camelottreasure's Journal

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Camelot Treasures
251 Grande Heights Dr.
Cary, NC 27513

Camelot Treasures is an independent purveyor of a variety of objects of interest. If your tastes run from Harry Potter wands and garb, to Celtic jewelry, to pirate hats and Renaissance music, then you're definitely in the right place. Best wand selection in Cary!

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Scott and Kirsten Vaughan have been medieval-fantasy enthusiasts for as long as they can remember. Scott admits to playing entirely too much Dungeons & Dragons as a child, and Kirsten has long been a collector of dragons, and an avid reader of fantasy novels. In June of 2006, Scott grew frustrated with his full-time job in pharmaceutical research and the couple decided to finally open the store they'd always dreamed of and Camelot Treasures opened!

Scott & Kirsten continue to attend living history events, and present special programs on medieval history and music for schools, libraries and civic groups.